Shipping will normally take place within 7 working days from receipt of your order. If there is any delay we will contact you.

If stock is damaged please return within 7 days from the receipt of your order. We will refund the purchase price of the product. or replace the item if goods are damaged in transit.

If any stencil is not suitable we are happy to refund the purchase price as long as the product remains unopened.

The shipping and handling fee included in your shopping cart is a guide only. If your order is small the postage will be adjusted accordingly. If your order is either heavy or oversized we will charge the amount it actually costs to send via Australian Standard Post.

Shipping for overseas orders will be quoted on receipt of an order. Please do not send payment until you have been notified of the shipping cost. Payment by cheque for overseas orders can take more than 2 weeks to clear so credit card payment is preferred.

"Fraud Prevention (shipping addresses and credit cards)


As part of our Fraud Prevention strategy, if an order is to be shipped to a different address than is on the credit card, the account name is different to that on the credit card, the card is issued by an offshore bank, the telephone number of the account holder and that of the actual card holder varies or any other matter that our staff deem of concern, then you may receive an email asking to verify certain details of your order and your identity. You may, in some cases, receive a courtesy telephone call. These details may include asking you to verify which bank issued the card, what the CVV2 code is on the back of your card, and we may require you in certain circumstances to fax or scan and email a copy of your card and drivers licence. We will always identify ourselves, tell you the exact details of your order to prove who we are, and we will always contact you from the same number as is on our website. We understand that sometimes our customers may wish to have their order handled more discreetly for various reasons, and provided we know who we are dealing with, we are happy to oblige.


Card Scammers Please Note: We use a 'BullDog' approach to Fraud Prevention - that is, if we discover an attempted fraudulent transaction, we do not stop investigating, even if the 'customer' has 'changed their mind' or suddenly becomes 'unavailable'. We will pursue any attempts to defraud to the fullest extent of the law regardless of any pleas or excuses, and we will prosecute 'scammers' in 100% of cases, without exception. Our IT staff are especially trained to detect fraudulent transactions, and they are capable of locating card scammers and informing the relevant authorities without alerting scammers to this fact. We also work in closely with other stores to ensure there is very little chance of a scammer striking twice.